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VOICE ACTORS NEEDED for Six Blades - very serious fbf flash

2008-09-28 08:59:35 by yandrak


Main Character: six blades
age: 20-30
he has a very dark past, he talks seriously but with irony, and he thinks he is very cool...
----------no images-----------
main character: SHE
gender: obvious
she has a soft voice, not too sharp, and she is very very shy..

main character: the hunter
age: unknown
gender:seems to be male...
he is a guy with a light suit that makes him very agile, so his voice is strong but not too heavy...

secondary character(s):
the search brigade
-not human
they are the enemies of Sixblades, they were men, but now they are only a bionic army without feelings... so his voice sounds dead, explosively indignant, example:[url=" tc h?v=1oQn66gvwKA"]YouTube - Tutorial: How to create a GLaDOS voice with Melodyne Uno[/url]
if anyone know how to make a combine voice(from half life 2) please contact me...

secondary character: THE JOHNSON
age: 48
gender: male
he is a bussinessman who has become mad, but preserving the appearances... he thinks his employees are slaves, and his madness has made him experiment with his own son. his voice sounds normal and serious, but trying to content the madness.

-----------------audition lines------------------
-(serious, thinking): they say i am a freak...(wait 5 secs)...but where i was born i was the most.... human
-(angry, but having fun, with irony): shit, do you want me to kill you right now? don't yo see i'm busy??!!!
-(very serious and a bit sad): they have taken her... if you don't have a gun for me, leave me alone...
-(very shy and a bit scared): i... i have to meet him
-(driven to despair): W-WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME??!!
the hunter:
- so, we finally meet... you were hard to catch, street rat
the search brigade:
- subject found
- proceeding. protocol 34. destroy.
-(sixblades killing them): AAARGHHHH!(try to make this with no feelings)
- need reinforcements.
-target lost. searching.

- it seems that we'll have to use our heavy weapons.... start project S... (mad from this point) I DONT CARE HOW YOU DO IT, JUST DO IT.

ok, im not english or american, so maybe my english is not very good in some lines... if i did some grammar mistake or something please let me know...
contact mail: maki-man@h

VOICE ACTORS NEEDED for Six Blades - very serious fbf flash


2007-08-27 10:17:35 by yandrak

YEAH PEOPLE, 2 reviews!!! xD xD lololol

that´s why i´m gonna work in file one(chapter one) of SPECIMEN 01 series..... again, and longer.... just vote my vid please....

well, im gonna improve the artwork, and i´ll let you know i have an interesting storyboard.... maybe i´ll make a trailer lol....

zi ya!!!